Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's not i2 it's i3

Completing the circle of i3... Ideas, Innovation, and Implementation.

Those are the three i's that the Filene i3 group is based on. But how successful has the i3 team been in meeting those objectives. Take a look at any number of their projects and you can see that they have been very successful at the first two. The i3 group hits extraordinary highs when it comes to creating new innovative ideas that can help Credit Unions expand their services to meet the changing member needs. But it seems there are challenges when it comes to implementation? Phil Smith an i3er from Minnesota coined the title phrase this afternoon, he is absolutely right, it is the Filene i3 group, not i2.

What good is having innovative ideas if those ideas to don't get back to the membership? Filene has been working towards providing the ideas and tools necessary for CUs to implement. Now Filene is stepping up their game. Maureen and I will be putting together proof of concepts for each that make it easier for CUs to take an idea and implement it. Anyone who has worked in the innovation process should know that not all ideas make it to the front-line, but as a CU we need to make sure that we implement as many as we can. Filene and CUs nationwide find themselves in similar circumstances, a whole bunch of a great ideas, without the ability to implement them all. We need to take the best and one by one make them available to the members.

As a Credit Union it should be your mission to make sure that you have the best products and services available to your members, to do this you need to be implementing, because innovation without implementation does nothing for your members.

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